Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Conservative's Declaration of Independance from the Republican Party

The Republican Party has long been the home for conservative minded citizens. In recent times, however, it has failed to support the issues important to conservatives, and even promoted issues wholehartedly opposed by conservatives. In the last few decades, the party has become more liberal, to the extent that the current GOP candidate was considered for the opposition party's vice presidential candidate in the election of 2004. The party that once fought the increase in the size of government has instead increased it faster than ever before. The party that once fought for business friendly practices in government has instead allowed more and more regulation of business. The party has allowed the federal government to force states to pay for programs the federal government created, on the threat of withholding money belonging to the citizens. You have allowed the commerce clause in the constitution to be used as a vehicle to force regulation in areas forbidden by the constitution.

You have given us candidates, or allowed candidates to run with no conservative credentials or with no hopes of winning, because it was "Their Turn," and expect conservatives to accept the lesser of two evils, when there are conservative candidates available. For example, Bob Dole, Gerald Ford, John McCain.

You have increased the size of government at every turn, creating new entitlements when it is clear that there are not enough resources to keep the promises already made. For example, prescription drugs.

You continue to support liberal candidates in primaries when more conservative choices are available, even when these candidates refuse to show loyalty to the republican party. For example, Arlen Spectre.

You refuse to secure the border, and are party to the imprisonment of agents attempting to enforce the law, in the intrest of businesses who hire illegals for cheap labor. You refuse to protect citizens of the United States from hundreds of kidnappings and murders along the border. You attempt to give amnesty to people who came here illegally, and refuse to enforce laws punishing employers who employ illegals.

You refuse to uphold your 1994 promise of term limits, after making one attempt at legislation, prefering to maintain the situation where there are members of congress with over forty years in office, when the founding fathers intent was clearly opposed to this.

You refuse to allow energy exploration on our own soil, submitting to the environmental movement, and allow other countries to take resources that belong to the United States.

You take money from special interests and make decisions in their favor which are detrimental to the interests of US Citizens.

You allow membership in the Republican Party to members of congress who routinely vote against the party's wishes, even against major republican party platform issues, in order to maintain the number of 'Rs' in congress. For example, Chaffee, Snowe, Chenoweth, Jeffords, Spectre, McCain.

You refuse to use tools available to you, the same tools used by the opposition party routinely, because you consider their tactics unfair. For example, The gang of thirteen.

You take the attitude with constituents that disagree with you that 'they just don't understand the big picture.' For example, Amnesty, June 2007

You refuse to fight back when attacked by the left, preferring to cowardly "Take the high road".

You allow a system to exist that increases your pay automatically in a cowardly way where you have to vote against automatic increases. You give yourselves pensions and benefits far in excess of what is available in this country for ordinary taxpayers.

Demands for the party that should replace the Republican party as the home of Conservatism;

Adherence to the Constitution.
Term Limits.
Adherence to Major Party Platform Issues for Members.
Balanced Budget.
Defense of the Border.

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