Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Now What?

A few thoughts on the election; Although the outcome is far from what I wanted, there are some bright points to hang on to.

* We probably never need to hear the name McCain again. The Republicans will dig up a new fossil for 2012.

* All those idiots who want Democrats to win so that everyone can
see how bad democrat rule can be, well, here you go.

* I don't expect to ever hear again about how racist this country is.

* Another 'Moderate' Republican goes away. (Sununu)

* Biden. Pure Comedy.

* A Recession is good for Pawn-Shoppers.

* Liberals in control always go so far left they fall over.

* The 'Fairness Doctrine' may force Limbaugh to satellite radio
where I can listen to him on business trips easier.

* McCain is gone. Did I mention that?

* The coming fight between Hillary and Barry.

* The coming fight between Nancy and Barry.

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