Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas Tea

Not being a malcontent leftie, and being employed, I am unaccustomed to the "Protest" scene. However, finally one came along that I could believe in - the "Tea Party". These are from the two in Amarillo, Texas.

I went to take pictures, and because I believe in the cause - I have a two year old with a mortgaged future, thanks to our current and past politicians. It was nice to see a lot of passionate people and know I am not the only one unhappy.

This lady walked up to me and asked who I was shooting for, and asked me to take her picture. I didn't read her button at first, and handed her a 'Bailout for the Constitution' button, which she put on. She then started laughing at the protesters, and that's when I read her button - "Hot Chicks Dig Obama"...
She told me this was Fox News organized, there were no blacks there, and Bush was to blame for everything. I asked her why it was the protesters fault why no blacks were there (there were), and she said they would be afraid to go because it was a Republican event, (Republicans hate black people, of course.) She then accused me of being a Republican. (Once more, never been one, thanks for asking). I asked her what was the logic of spending yourself out of debt, and she started with, 'Give it a chance...' or something. Not interested in arguing who really is to blame, (ALL OF THEM), she told me I listened to Limbaugh (some) and Hannity (nope) and watched Fox News. I asked her to tell me if she thought CNN was balanced, (She gives me an eyeroll) and accused her of reading (She didn't deny it.) She wasn't nasty like a lot of people on the left are, and when it was clear we would not agree, she left, politely. And gave me my button back.

This one is my favorite.

Another clever one.

This girl made her own shirt.

This is the most important sign I saw.

And this was the funniest.

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