Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years and no lessons

I am sure everyone with a blog is writing some sappy sad piece about how sad this anniversary is. Sad it is, but not for the reasons most people are thinking of.

In congress today, we have elected representatives trying to destroy a four star general who has done nothing but serve his country honorably.

We have elected representatives and presidential candidates from both gutless sides trying to second guess the president and the military so they can look thoughtful and compassionate. The left is so invested in this war being lost, if we win it they will have to fold. And they know it.

We have dots to connect; stolen school busses and school bus radios, school blueprints turning up on captured terrorists, terrorist training videos showing how to shoot up schools. We have people stirring up the air marshalls to see what happens. Videotaping refineries and schools and bridges, then disappearing. And then some jackass on the comedy channel tries some performance art/guerilla marketing and we see Homeland Security make a total ass out of itself.

We have an open border and a president who wants to open it more.

What have we learned? We are searching everyone's shoes at the airports, including Grandma's. So, political correctness is being respected, but we aren't doing a damned thing to stop an attack there. Here's a clue; the hijackers, the terrorist acts that have happened worldwide in the last ten years or so have a pretty simple common denominator. P.C. is going to kill us all.

Lots of folks like to make fun of the president's vigilance and the fact that some of us are a little worried. If you are of the opinion that we might be attacked again, you are treated like a nut, a right wing wacko, or a paranoid chicken-little type. Or a neocon, whatever the hell that means.

Bin Laden is warning us again, and appears to be doing the busy work required by islam, the "Religion of Peace", before an attack. He certainly takes this seriously. Shouldn't all of us?

These animals want to kill us. They are exceedingly patient. They want a holy war, and they appear to be teeing things up to start one. I said it then, and I'll say it now; let's get them first.

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