Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ambulance Chasing for Everyone

I was in a minor accident last week - sitting at a stoplight, minding my own business, when some kid hits me from behind. Didn't really hurt my truck too bad, but it will be in the shop for a while. My neck is a little tweaked, and I can't seem to turn my head to the right anymore. Then there is the whole inconvenience factor, with dealing with insurance and body shops and doctors, and all that.

Add a new inconvenience. When I got home yesterday, I got a call that came up 'Toll Free Call' from 877-805-4590 on my caller id. I answered it, and the lady identified herself and asked me how I was, she had heard about my accident. I assumed she was from Allstate and was going to tell how Allstate was going to handle the claim. No, she wanted to set an appointment for me. I told her I was going to see my doctor, and she started preaching about how doctors don't cure anyone, they just prescribe pills and don't fix anything. I finally figured out the scam - this lady was from a Chiropractor, and they go through police reports looking for accidents, and then they call to tell you how they can document your injuries and maximize your insurance claim. They called me four times. Looking through the caller id, I had another one - 'El Paso Chiro' at 915-629-7246. They called twice.

This is just sad - how desperate for business do you have to be? It reminds me of the scam in Paper Moon. I know it is illegal for lawyers to do this - how is it legal for anyone else to do it?

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