Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Yesterday's raid on Swift packing plants around the country has certainly stirred the pot a bit.

All day yesterday on our local news we heard tearjerking stories about how terrible it was. How traumatic is it to give up some ID?

Michelle Malkin has a photo of some punk named Hector Angel giving the finger to the ICE bus. This picture sums up the attitude of employers and illegals quite nicely.

Here's a clue for you; packing plants employ illegals. A lot. Packing plants pay very well and hire just about anyone.

Here's why this was a waste of time; Swift hasn't been charged. As long as there ar no penalties for employing these people, they will find jobs. The only punishment there is for hiring an illegal seems to be the scuttling effect it may have when you are nominated for attorney general. Employers are going to find the cheapest labor they can; it is their goal to cut costs, and labor is the biggest. As long as the employers can call their congressman to stop enforcement (see this) there won't be any enforcement against employers. They even postponed these raids because Swift had customers visiting the plant in Greeley last week. So Swift knew the raid was coming; think there were any tips going out to employees they were afraid to lose? Think all the paperwork was untouched?

Democrats and Republicans both are scared to death of offending Hispanics, and won't do anything to offend potential voters. Term limits, anyone? The raid won't stop the flow of illegals, because these people have nothing to lose. They go back home, and come right back, and find a different employer. Until employers face jail time and fines, this problem is just going to get worse.

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