Monday, November 06, 2006

Go Vote (if you're not an idiot)

OK, we have been hearing about how critical this election is for months. And yes, it is important. We are at a crossroads.

What happens tomorrow will have consequences far beyond the day.

Higher Taxes (Family of 4, making $50k, will pay $2000 more a year in taxes.)

The Minimum Wage Increase (Which will price low capability workers right out of the market.)

The Judiciary (Go look up some 9th circuit rulings.)

Illegal Immigration (Who is more likely to stop it?)

The War.

Call it the war on terror, or The War Against Radical Islam, or The War In Iraq. Doesn't matter, whatever you call it, we have to finish it. Don't tell me we can't win it; all we have to do is decide to win it, and we will.

If we leave, before it is finished, the terrorists win. If we don't finish it, we reinforce the world's impression that we don't finish anything. Now, don't get me wrong, I could not care less what the world thinks of us; if they hate us, fine. But if they see us leave Iraq unfinished, and we flee back home, it means all that has be done to beat us is align with the opposition party, which is what our enemies have done. Before you tell me democrats aren't soft on Terrorism, tell me any terrorist who has a vote isn't hoping for a Democratic win tomorrow. Who is trying to give them rights? Democrats see this as a law and order issue. Conservatives see it as kill them, because they are trying to kill us.

So, if you are a single issue voter, and the right screwed you, get over it. I have tons of problems with the right, especially in the Senate. They want to get along, and protect their jobs, and send home the pork. But they do get it on the war, or at least they think it is in their interest to support it. Support them.

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