Monday, June 12, 2006

Poor neglected blog

OK, OK, I lied when I said I would post... two or three weeks ago. Sorry. I do have a life, and a job. In fact, I have three jobs now. I can't afford to spend my whole freaking life working on this.

On baseball; I had forgotten how much I loved baseball. I grew up working for a minor league team, doing groundkeeping, running the scoreboard, that type of stuff. The team left in 1982, and I kind of lost interest in baseball, especially after the strikes.

A friend is running the team here this year, and I asked him for a job running the scoreboard.

Next week is the drive up to Montana to meet my brand new extended family - a grandmother, and aunt and an uncle, plus their families. Looks like 24 hours drive time, done in shifts. Can't wait.

The anti adoption wackos are still out there, and they are still crying in their showers and stalking their kids. They finally quit harassing me, though, so I am thankful for that.

More later. I gotta go to my Zarqawi's Dead party.

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