Monday, April 10, 2006

Hybrids clogging HOV lanes

California recently decided to allow hybrid drivers to use the HOV lanes. It isn't going well, because they drive slower.
Carpoolers accuse them of driving too slowly in order to maximize their fuel efficiency, and of clogging diamond lanes that were once clear.
Typical. Thinking only of themselves and their fuel efficency, and slowing the rest of us down.
"There's a mentality out there that we're a bunch of liberal hippies...
You are.
"...or we're trying to make some statement on the environment..."
You're not?
said Travis Ruff, a real estate agent from Newbury Park who drives a Toyota Prius. "People are a lot less friendly than when I drove a Mercedes."
That is because a Mercedes is not a hippie car.

Read it all here.

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