Monday, April 10, 2006

24 More

I can't even remember what happened last week...

Oh yeah, the Prez... He can't be dirty and gutless. I think that whole thread is a distraction, just like Audrey.

Here's an idea. There is a protest going on here, over immigration. If they can get enough folks together for that, I think we could get enough people together to march and demand Kim's death.

Jack Bauer links again;

Blogs for Bauer - Usually live blogging the episode every Monday.

Dave Berry - Usually a 24 thread here.

I think I will try to live blog it...

Here we go...

11:00PM Martial law...

11:04PM Logan IS dirty!!

11:06PM Dr. Jack Bauer... Paging Dr. Bauer...

11:08PM Wow, Logan really is dirty...

11:10PM Wow, Logan really is an SOB...

11:12PM Wow, Cruella is clever... Bet it doesn't work.

11:20PM So we'll see Audrey's dad next week.

11:22PM Crap, the tracer worked...

11:23PM Oh, she found it. Told you!

11:23PM Bet there's two tracers.

11:32PM Crap, phone call, what did I miss?

11:37PM Bet the banker dies.

11:38PM Robocop, you suck.

11:41PM Martha will castrate him now... Again.

11:45PM Martha knows he's lying...

11:47PM Anita Hill is gonna bust it wide open...

11:48PM Yeah, right, they are trying to kill Jack. Sure, Wilbur.

11:50PM The banker just figured out Logan sucks.

11:55PM Yea, Chloe, try to look guilty.

11:56PM Chloe fuzzin the sats... Cool.

11:57PM She's so smooth.

11:58PM Why doesn't Jack call someone with the audio on the tape?

11:58PM Banker dead. Told you. (OK, easy prediction.)

12:00 Whew.

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