Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nicotine Nazis

I am an ex-smoker. I quit smoking when I could not stand the smell of my garage anymore and when I could not get the stain off of my fingers from smoke. I have enjoyed better stamina since I quit, and my clothes don't stink anymore and I don't ruin a shirt every now and then from a stray ember.

The smell of someone else smoking is pretty strong now, but it does not make me gag or anything like that. In fact, sometimes it still smells pretty good. I smoke a good cigar every now and then, too, usually a Macanudo.

The constant drumbeat of the anti-smoking folks, nationally and locally, is becomming a major pet peeve, though. We had a local group here try to outlaw smoking in all restaurants and bars here, and it failed by a very tiny margin. Sorry, but if you don't want to smell smoke in my bar or my restaurant, go away. Just because you can smell it doesn't mean it is hurting you.

Those of you who are saying, 'Good, it is bad for them anyway. And I am tired of smelling it in public.' If you think that, you are really short-sighted.

Calabasas, California has now banned smoking in most public places. No big surprise; it's California, after all. But it is over-reaching, I think. The KABC story has a phrase that is one of the most arrogant and scary things I have ever read.

"People will still be allowed to smoke in their homes."

How generous of them.

You hopefully don't need me to explain why this is such an amazing statement. The whole concept of private property is apparently fairly unimportant to a lot of people.

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