Saturday, March 18, 2006

Harry's plan

Dem Senate minority leader has a plan to target President Bush. The Washington Times has the whole article here. Here are some excerpts, translated for your convenience.

• "Hold a town hall meeting with state officials and a local National Guard unit at their armory to discuss the security impact of long deployments. ... Ask National Guard members to offer input on how security and disaster response at home is compromised by long deployments."

TRANSLATION:Find someone that will say the war caused the Katrina disaster.

• "Hold a town hall meeting with troops at a local military installation. ... When selecting a location at the military installation for the event, make sure to select a space that allows easy press access and clearly conveys the message in the shot. Planes, vehicles, equipment and signage in the background enhance the pictures coming out of your event."

TRANSLATION:Get in front of military stuff so you will not look like the pansies you are.

• "Work with [veterans] organizations ... to find recently returned Iraq and Afghanistan veterans willing to discuss the mental effects they or their fellow veterans have experienced."

TRANSLATION:Find a crazy vet.

• "Tour a factory in your state that manufactures military equipment like Humvees or body armor and hold a press availability afterwards with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans on the importance of protective equipment."


Show how we aren't giving the soldiers any equipment and the Bush Administration doesn't care about the soldiers.

• "Visit the home of a military family that has purchased body armor on their own for a family member serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and hold an open press 'conversion' on the issue. ... Ask the family if they would be willing to hold the open press conversation/town hall meeting in their yard, on their front porch or in their home."


Show how the war is costing families and that the Bush Administration doesn't care about the soldiers.

I am so sick of townhall-type meetings. Everybody sits around and expresses how miserable they are, and everyone nods solemnly and dabs at their eyes. Everyone has a good cry and at the end the anchor infers something like, 'If only these real Americans ran the country...'

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