Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If Carter is for it...

I just can't get worked up over the whole seaport management thing. I mean, the ports are already wide open, something like 5 percent of cargo is scanned, and there isn't much chance of improving it soon. I don't like the idea of a middle eastern country having anything to do with them, though. I don't think President Bush is infallible, and I am thinking this is a mistake, but a mistake on the scale of trusting Ted Kennedy.

But good ol' Jimmuh has gone and disgorged another pearl of his infinite wisdom.
"My presumption is, and my belief is, that the president and his secretary of state and the Defense Department and others have adequately cleared the Dubai government organization to manage these ports," Carter told CNN. "I don't think there's any particular threat to our security."

Carter gave us the most recent glimpse of his towering stupidity here.

He is all for the deal. That cinches it, it has to be a major whoopsie.

Other blogs with more details.

Michelle Malkin wants to STOP THE PORT SELLOUT

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Little Green Footballs also notes alarm from the moonbats at their apparent agreement with LGF

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