Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Holy places

The mosque damaged in todays bombing is being called one of the holiest Shiite shrines.

Why is it whenever a chip of paint is knocked off an outhouse in the middle east, it is always "One of the middle east's holiest mosques" or "One of islam's holiest sites"? Whenever a town in Iraq is mentioned, it is prefaced with... "the holy city of yada yada yada..."

I don't seem to remember that when the art lovers in Afghanistan destroyed the Budda statues, there being a whole lot of mention of the age of the statues, or their importance to the Hindus. When palestinian maggots decided to visit a certain church in Bethlehem and redecorate, I don't seem to remember anyone screaming about that. Isreal has dozens of places extremely important to Judiasm that the 'Religion of Peace' followers have utterly destroyed.

How about we just target a covey of five-hundred-pounders on the big black cube and work our way down the list of 'holy sites' from there.

Tigerhawk has a look at the Pakistani response to the bombing that might be informative to folks who think it really is the 'Religion of Peace.' (I think I'll buy me a flag making company.)

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