Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years later

I really thought for a while after 9/11 that things would change, and we'd finally see a nation concerned about security and maybe a sustained embrace of American exceptional-ism. And we did, for a while; maybe a year or so.

We have legions of incompetent cops and night watchmen running around harassing photographers in the name of security; we have the incompetent TSA molesting children and others in the name of security; we have two major actions going on that were started to enhance security, but have long ago lost their way. We have an Islamist trophy shrine being built blocks from the crater; a meaningless feel-good radio antenna going up where those proud buildings once stood; an Islamic-themed memorial on the site where Flight 93 was taken down.

The victims that the savages killed are still dead, and still remembered. Five years ago, I participated in a 9/11 remembrance project, where bloggers who signed up were assigned a victim to post about. I was assigned a man named Bon-seok Koo. He worked for LG Insurance as a branch manager. I tried to find more information about this man when I was assigned him, but I was never able to find more than the brief bio posted in a few places on the internet.

But I realize now I don't need any more information about him. I know with reasonable certainty his wife Yun-Ho loved him and misses him. And I am certain his daughters loved him and miss him. What greater obituary is there than that?

I occasionally see a hit on this blog directed at the post about Mr. Koo. I have no idea who it is, but I wonder sometimes if it is a member of Mr. Koo's family. I hope it helps his family to see that he is not forgotten by at least one other person. I truly hope they have found peace in these years.

His life was stolen by savages in the name of politics and hatred of America and the West. They still hate us just as much. More, with the death of their chief scumbag. The thing we should remember most is that they still want us all dead.

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