Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oklahoma got it right

Oklahoma made up for that stupid 'Oklahoma is OK' slogan with their new law known as '1804'.

1804 is Oklahoma's answer to out of control illegal immigration. Under the bill, several acts that aid illegals are now felonies. For example, providing transportation, sheltering, concealing or harboring them is a felony. No driver's licenses or government IDs, or professional licenses. Those are the big ones, but there are more; denying some public benefits, and providing legal options to legal employees who get canned while employers keep illegals.

It has already survived a couple of challenges, but there will probably be plenty more.

The best part of it is, it's working. Contractors are whining about their 'employees' not showing up.

Some employer groups are preparing challenges to the law. I bet, because this will end their supply of cheap labor, and enforce a little wage pressure on those 'Jobs that Americans won't do'. That slogan is a joke - the truth is, they are 'Jobs Americans won't do, not for that much'.

One of the best parts of this story, in today's USA Today, is about a guy named Simon Navarro. He runs a money wiring service, and used to have 500 customers a day come in to send money back to Mexico and Central America. That number is now down to around a hundred. Cry me a river. Go home, and come back in through the front door.

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