Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Politics as usual

I'm sick to death of party politics. If you are a politics geek like me, I'm sure you know the Republicans in the senate today voted to support a Kennedy amendment on the Shamnesty bill. See the list here. John Cornyn had an amendment that would bar felons from gaining visas via this piece-o-crap bill. And the gutless republicans like McCain, and Hagel, and Graham voted against it and for Kennedy's bill.

I am done with Republicans. It has been a long time since I claimed to be one, instead choosing to label myself a conservative. But I voted for mostly Republicans, because they are closer to what I believe. I am not a one issue guy, but there have been plenty of issues piling up. Like the drug entitlement. And the spending. And the general gutlessness of the right.

What is the point of choosing a representative, if they ignore the wishes of the voters? They ignore their duty to this country, instead choosing the path of least resistance, or the path paved with contributions. A politicians main job is, as they see it, to get re-elected.

Gimmie term limits.

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