Monday, May 07, 2007

Scorching ears

I know this isn't a new observation; LGF and some other big conservative blogs mentioned it a few months back. But has anyone else noticed the difference in language between left versus right sites?

Seems like most of the time, when I hit a link that goes to a moonbat site, like the DU or Kos, it is mostly run on sentences and fairly inarticulate swearing, reeking of f-bombs. The more conservative sites are usually more well written, and with more, say, 'Family Friendly' language.

Don't call me a hypocrite; I don't claim to be a choirboy. I can and do swear fluently, and with style.

But it seems, well, unseemly to speak this way in public, i.e. the web. If you are expecting strangers to read your writing, it seems to me that it should be coherent, first of all, and classy. I don't see the ranting, filthy swearing one reads on Kos and the others as classy at all. It smacks of playground temper tantrums to me.

The more right/left comparisons I see, the more this trend seems apparent. There is of course some blue language on the conservative sites, mainly in comments. It's nothing like the left's, where the most of the comments and the posts are nasty as a rule.

When did it become OK for debate to be so nasty? I think it comes from weakness; the weakness of their argument, and the weakness of the individuals.

This even extends beyond political discussions; most the anti-adoption types, at least one of whom claims to be a professional writer, write and spell like sixth graders. And swear as prolifically as any construction worker and with all the grace of Rosie O'Donald. When you can't make your point coherently, you descend into name calling and spit-slinging temper tantrums. And the increasingly common death wish.

I don't claim to be a good writer; I muddle along with my High School/Some College education and occasionally use my grammar and spell check. But to put up something you want other people to read, and something that may be read years from now, shouldn't it be correct and tactful? I would hope if someone reads this stuff later on, that they might argue that the point is made, notice it's legibly written, and would let their kid read it. Most of the debate I see I would call PG-13 and steer my kid around it until later.

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