Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cry me a river

In the continuing saga of the decline of society and the feminizing of the world, we have a new page.

In the UK, we now have "Misery Clubs." See the Daily Mail story here.

You go in and cry. They even have a designated slicer, cutting buckets of onions to help bring forth the waterworks. You pay a cover, go in, find a corner, and weep. I guess that's better than crying all balled up in the shower. This way, you can wear your makeup.

Against a backdrop of crashing choral music and candlelight, a group of elaborately costumed young women are dabbing their eyes with a handkerchief, their mascara running to form black rivulets down their cheeks.


There is science to back it up, of course; seems like there is always some jackass to back up just about any claim.

It has long been a widely-held belief that crying is therapeutic - and conversely that failure to cry is a danger to our health. Experimental psychologist Alex Goetz, who founded leading health risk management company General Health Inc, says: "Tears serve an important purpose.

"Emotional tears, shed in moments of intense feeling, carry stress hormones and are a way of getting rid of them. Even if crying embarrasses you, it signals that you've reached a level of stress that's detrimental to your health."

Yeah, but shouldn't grief be kind of, well, private? I don't want to see this...

Crying in public seems to have caught on in the United States, too.


New American website, cryingwhileeating.com allows users to post pictures of themselves weeping into their food alongside a short explanation of the cause of their distress ('global warming', 'always expects the worst and is never disappointed').

I knew global warming would pop up in this story...
"I don't like parties where everyone has fun. I don't want to dance and be cheerful, I'd much rather sit in a corner and mope as it's what I'm good at," he says.
I am thinking some of the Anti-Adoption-Bunny-Boilers like the Lamers wouldn't need the onions.

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