Thursday, February 15, 2007

Everything changes, today, forever

Because on today, my daughter was born. Meet Abigail Nicole.

This picture at the age of about three minutes.

Another pic; about ten minutes old here, showing five of her ten perfect fingers. Toes are good too.

Abby is 8 pounds, six ounces; twenty inches tall, and has a fourteen and a half inch head, which is why mom was in labor for twelve hours before the doctor threw in the towel and c-sectioned her into the world.

Mom is fine, but dad is still a little shook up at seeing the doctor elbow deep in mom's belly.

Dad was able to administer the first feeding, seen here.

Abby also got her first bath, during which she proved she is as loud as her dad. (She isn't real down with the whole bath thing yet.)

After the bath, we got a good look at some of that amazing hair.

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