Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dial these numbers

Last night our truck was broken into. The genuises stole an XM radio, (unusable - turned off) and a cell phone, also unusable and turned off. Before we found out, the punk made a few calls. Feel free to call these numbers and tell them their friend is a scumbag, and stupid to boot.

(806) 223-8964 (2 times)
(806) 382-0746 (2 times)
(806) 335-6162 (12 times)
(806) 576-7555 (1 time)
(806) 626-8990 (1 time)
(806) 570-6507 (1 time)
(806) 290-4817 (1 time)

This number called my phone back while the thief had it: (806) 290-4817.

The cops have the numbers, and will hopefully make an effort to track them down. They are all cell numbers.

The thief also emptied out a prescription bottle full of female hormone and painkiller pills from the late '90s that was in the glove box. Hope they make you sick and die.

And yes, I realize this isn't nearly as cool a story as the stolen sidekick or treo or whatever it was in New York. But they did catch the thief.

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