Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years of Myopia

I have made no secret of my belief of what we need to do in response to the attack on America that started 5 years ago. We have not fought back in any fashion that seems to indicate a will to win. Blame that on whatever; mismanagement of the war, the refusal of the use of profiling, lack of an easily definable enemy, political correctness. But we have not answered this attack, and I have come to realize, I think we have not yet realized just how serious our situation is.

We govern ultimately through the use of force, loss of freedoms and threat of death. We will imprison or kill you eventually if you violate enough of our laws or threaten our sovereignty violently enough.

But we face an enemy that has no fear of death. In fact, they not only lack a fear of death, they revel in it. Give them this; they are passionate and wholehearted in their hatred of all things not Islam. They mean it. How do you threaten someone, or instill fear in someone, who has no fear or respect for death? They are taught that their death is a glorious thing if they take some of us with them.

Understand this; the war is on. We need to join it, and we need to realize that the enemy is absolutely determined to kill us if we do not submit to them and their religion. This is not about arresting them and trying them in a court of law. The only way to stop them is to exterminate them.

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