Friday, August 11, 2006

Great Moments in Sports

To appreciate this story, you have to know a little about the baseball field here in Amarillo. The pressbox is perched atop the grandstand, something like thirty or forty feet above the lower seats.

We have been amusing ourselves in the pressbox at the Dilla baseball games, as the games go slowly at times, by dropping various objects onto the fans. Nothing dangerous, it is mostly scraps or wads of paper. Once a spider, and once a pen (by accident.) The target is anyone's beer cup, preferrably full; secondary targets are any contact with a person, or at least having the object noticed, usually generating a look up. Last night I had a hit, as referenced here.

Tonight we were thoroughly bored, due to a very late start - like 8:40pm, as opposed to the normal 7:05pm. I have had a bit of a stomach problem lately, and have been carrying rolaids for the last few days. One of the mascots for the team took a rolaid I offered and scored a careful direct hit into a half full cup of beer. We could even hear the thonk/splash.

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