Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The New Israeli War

The tag line of this blog has been 'It's 1939 all over again' for months, almost since I started it. It is more and more apparent that this is true to me. The similarities are significant. I am not one to scream the sky is falling, but there is reason to pay attention to what is going on.

We have seen a week or so of the new Israeli War. I really thought it would happen sooner, but everyone keeps telling Israel not to over-react, and to moderate it's response.

Exactly what is the response to a teenager, male or female, who is taught to hate Israel with every breath from birth, who then straps on a shirt full of C-4 and walks into a daycare and kills twenty people? The explosive vest is probably packed with nails coated with fecal material. Or ball bearings.

President Bush has said that where terrorists are harbored, we will consider those that give them safe haven enemies. Why shouldn't Lebanon face the same music? They have allowed Hezbollah to be there. Same for Syria and Hamas. Seems to me that if your guest is shooting at the neighbors house, the neighbor has every right to burn your house down. And if you cannot get rid of that guest because of your own weakness, then your neighbor has a duty to his house to do it for you.

These people (Hezbollah and Hamas) have no other reason to exist other than to kill Jews. How can you reason with anyone who's stated purpose, whose sole reason to exist, is to extinguish you? How can you live with people who do not want to live themselves?

Islam is forever stuck in the fourth century. It is apparently immune to reformation. How can the world live with a group who demands we see the world their way?

You need to listen up and watch what is going on. The news from the middle east is repetitive and ugly and hard to listen to. No one wants to hear another story about people cutting somebody's head off while they scream. But you need to know just what these savages are capable of. You need to know that if they could they would do it right here in Texas. Or Montana. Or New York City.

Instead of telling Israel to exercise restraint, we need to cheer them and back them. That is one less battle for us to fight in this coming war.

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