Thursday, June 29, 2006

Miles and Miles and Montana

Just got back Tuesday night from Montana - quick trip to meet Grandma, Aunt D and Uncle M and a few others.

What a cool trip. 1300 miles or so, each way, sure, but worth every mile. Everyone was genuinely happy to welcome us (my wife and I) to the family. I was given a handmade quilt by my Grandmother that is probably my prize possession - it surely is the most personal gift I have ever received.

We stayed in a genuine log cabin that my Aunt and my late grandfather built. There is also a ten acre lake that he also created on the property, and the family sells fishing permits on it.

Sunday we went to Glacier National Park and spent the day. I took about 400 pictures. All keepers. Absolutely amazing place. I am told by my Aunt D that she is the owner of the park. She certainly knows it like the back of her hand. If you want to see an amazing place, check out Yellowstone or Yosemite. Glacier is too hard to get to, and it is just too much for most people. I want it all for me.

Top this all to find out early last week we are expecting - finally. February 20th, to be exact. What a nice suprise for the new family, to be adding a kid for them to spoil.

Saw the sonogram pix today - we are in the size-of-a-grain-of-rice stage, but he/she already has a heartbeat. I feel ten feet tall.

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