Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Protesting for entertainment

Anyone else sick of the whole immigration debate? I am tired of the debate for the simple fact that it is so obvious that nothing is going to change. The Right is scared to death they will be called bigots. The Left is ready to open the doors to anyone who wants to be here. Both sides are looking at Hispanics as the next big voting block to pander to. Businesses that hire illegals are paying off both sides, and meanwhile anyone that wants to is walking across the border and getting free education and free health care, and the taxpayers are paying for it.

Mexico is running ads in American media demanding we allow more immigration. Forget about how arrogant that is, what does that say about Mexico? Shouldn't they at least be saying, "It really isn't that bad here?"

The protesters in LA are waving Mexican flags around. Doesn't sound like they care much for assimilating into out culture, does it?

Michelle Malkin has a story and picture that is absolutely infuriating. Protesters in California put up a Mexican flag over an upside-down American flag to protest. How respectful.

It seems to me that a lot of the protests you see (on whatever subject) are nothing but school kids looking for a reason to ditch. Kids have a right to speak their piece, but I doubt these kids in LA or Dallas have any clue what they are talking about.

Seems like a lot of people have a lot of time to protest. Don't these people have jobs? Shouldn't the students be in school? There are people who do nothing but go to protests. What a sweet gig that must be. These people always know where the courthouses are.

The debate should be about American identity, I think. We are all made up of other countries, of course. Few of us can go back more than a hundred years, or maybe a hundred and fifty. Immigration made us great, and it will continue to do so. But there is an American culture, and there is such a thing as American sovereignty. The country is obviously worth protecting, since we have so very many people who want to be here.

The country's duty is to Americans, first.

Those of us who were born here, and pay our taxes and follow the laws. Politicians seem to be so worried about trying to make everyone happy. They want to make sure they can come back to Washington next year. Every day I pray for term limits to somehow come back. There should not be such a thing as a career in politics.

If you want to be here, there are a set of rules to follow. One of them is follow the immigration process. I do not care where you come from, and I welcome you, if you follow the law.

There is probably going to be another amnesty. I know they are saying it isn't an amnesty, but how the hell else can you break into the country and get to stay legally? It is so simple to me that once you have broken a law, you obviously don't have any respect for the law, and you forfeit any 'right' you have to be here. If you are here illegally, you need to be deported.

If the whole issue is about jobs that Americans won't do, then some prices need to go up. If the cost of eliminating illegal immigrants is higher prices on our lettuce and landscaping, then so be it. The market will adjust. Free market forces will determine the prices. If a head of lettuce is going to cost four dollars, so be it.

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