Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I will have to admit that the number of our soldiers killed in Iraq bothers me. I know it is a very low number when compared to other actions the United States has made, but even so, for every single one of those soldiers killed, there is a family and group of friends in agony. I want the number to be zero; Patton's line sums up the way it should be;

"Don't die for your country, make some other sumbitch die for his."

I was very suprised to see the numbers that RedState put together. Basically, the number of soldiers killed is pretty close to what it is in peacetime since 1980.

George W. Bush . . . . . 5187 (2001-2004)
Bill Clinton . . . . . . . . . 4302 (1993-1996)
George H.W. Bush . . . . 6223 (1989-1992)
Ronald Reagan . . . . . . 9163 (1981-1984)

Considering that President Bush has fought two wars, this speaks well for the careful use of our forces and improvements in battlefield technology. Go read the whole article and check out the comments.

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