Monday, March 13, 2006

More terms

The folks over at 'Musings of the Lame' have elevated the discussion;

brandi said...

Gah, anti-choice assholes...I have been a pro-choice activist since I was 16 and hate those people.
The word hate springs up quickly with some people...
Lady said...

...Men IMO shouldn't have too much to say about pregnancy/birth control/ abortion, etc. How can they relate?

I can relate because it is my child, too. Women surely have the tough part of the whole task, no doubt. Unfair design of the species, maybe, but check with God about that. If I could have carried the child my ex-girlfriend exercised her choice on, I would have. As it is, you need both to make a baby, and it is my knuckle-dragging male opinion that just maybe the father should have some say in the matter.

Kateri said...

What a conservative shitpile you stepped into! Clearly a man, clearly hostile to women. THere's no talking to that type. We can console ourselves that he probably has a miniscule penis. He's probably short and bald, too

Clearly a wordsmith. Has anyone else noticed that whenever you have a conversation with a person who cannot argue, it takes about a sentence or so to descend into profanity and name-calling? I am 5'11, and I have a full head of thick, brown hair. The rest is no one else's business, but my wife is more than happy. Sorry if that ruins your consoling.

FauxClaud said...

Thank you..that gave me quite a chuckle.

I deleted the comments that I thought were nasty to you and not pertinent to the discussion. I left the 'Spellcheck' crack because it seems to be a problem at Musings.

Yeah, this is one of those cases where I have to say.."Ok, not gonna get the perma bruise on my head from this brick wall".

Oh, how superior of you.

Really, it was almost I thought Nice story..threw him some props, quickly agreed to disagree..

Oh, I see. You tell me what I am feeling, and what my birthmother is feeling, and that is the gospel. I am supposed to accept your word as truth for all women and dare not speak my piece?
Your post on my blog:

We DON'T move on.
Some of us do.

We might pretend, we might do what is expected of us to do, but we don't forget..and the feelings for our children do not go away no matter how many years have passed.
IF a woman has trully pushed it down so deep inside her that she is not dealing with it, then you, the adoptee, are doing her a great service by making her come to terms with it again and for once, in however nmany years, begin to feel again. Only then can she heal.

She wasn't sick. I have talked with her a great deal about this, (believe it or not some men can actually talk with some women!) (The horror!!) She was sometimes sad around my birthday, and sometimes wondered what I did or where I was. But she MOVED ON. She is very happy and very well adjusted. I submit to you that it is possible that not all women are the same, and some may be able to deal with difficult things in a different and perhaps more constructive manner.

Seventeen years? She did not ever move on and forget you. Not one bit.

Again with the moving on? Define moving on. She didn't sit around and whine about her life. She didn't blame anyone else for her situations. She is deeply loved by her family; she is very successful, and she is a highly respected person in her field. And who said anything about forgetting about anyone?

...and BAM! I am an irresponsible baby killer....and have NO clue what his mother went through. For her sake I hope she is a lala denial mom...for he is not wanting to hear the truth at all and will be mean to her if she dares speak it.

That is the most arrogant thing I have seen. How dare you presume this? You think you know me based on my opinions. People like you have destroyed debate. When someone disagrees with you, you turn to your like-minded companions and tut-tut about the poor Neanderthals who don't know any better. The attitude that "My opinion is the only one that matters, everyone else is a doofus.

My first reaction to you, my assumption which is no doubt unfair, is that you sit and cry in the shower about how unfair your life is, and you have probably attempted suicide more times than you can count. In fact, I might assume that out of the ladies who read your blog, more than half have attempted suicide. Your cats are the only males worth allowing near you. You sneer when a man holds a door for you.

Unfair assumption? Damn right it is. I don't know that any of that is true. Bet it hurt. I am sorry, and I don't really think that, and I am not out to hurt anyone. But it fits a lot of stereotypes, and stereotypes are hurtful and unfair. Just like you assuming I am an Archie Bunker, ladies-should-be-barefoot-and-pregnant conservative wacko. My opinions and feelings are exactly as valid as yours are, lady.

The rest of your blogs comments are equally charming;

Kippa Herring said...

Hoo boy!
Don't even bother with this one. It's not worth the energy.
Ah, yes. More of that 'don't bother with those peons down there' attitude. said...

ha ha HIM!!!! I saw his blog and went to have a wee peek and saw your comments and his comments and scuffled away as fast as I could. Did the word doofus come to mind???

You guys sure like that word, don't you?
HeatherRainbow said...

"I want the truth"

"You Can't Handle the TRUTH!"
How original.

major doofus. major major doofus. i hope he gets over his issues. cuz he may not realize it, but he has, uh, just a few.
Don't we all.

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