Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The proper way to look at CBS's BS poll

By now you know about the totally crap-encrusted poll that CBS cranked out in an episode of 'Drive By Journalism' as Rush calls it.

CBS didn't even poll voters this time. They polled whoever answered the phone.

Now, given the results of the last election, and well, basic freaking facts, it is pretty much obvious that Rs and Ds are pretty close in numbers. This poll hit 37% Dems, 34% "Independents" and a whopping 26% Republicans. The Anklebiters have more analysis on the breakdown here.

Forget the imbalance of straight Republicans and Democrats, which is already 11% off; does anyone really believe those Indys are not just Democrats who are just too ashamed to admit they're Democrats?

The poll asked incredibly misleading questions, for example:
"After 9/11, President Bush authorized government wiretaps on some phone calls in the US without getting court warrants, saying this was necessary in order to reduce the threat of terrorism. Do you approve or disapprove of the president doing this?"
Now, we should all know this is a biased, leading question. The wiretapping was done on calls made to other countries, for one thing. The question seems to me to actually lie about the wiretaps by saying "...calls in the US..." It is a fact that had we done this before 9/11, we probably would have heard calls pertaining to the attack.

The mainstream media seems to really have ball hammering on the President for months at a time, and then doing a poll to check their work.

Point Five has the proper perspective about this poll. Read it here.

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