Monday, February 06, 2006

Here we go

Well, I guess I gotta try this. Everyone else has a blog. Why not me?

This one will be about nothing. Just like Seinfeld. Except it will be about everything. Stupid behaviour, politics, photography, woodworking, you name it.

A little heads up; I am a conservative. I am not necessarily a republican, but I am sure as hell not a democrat. If you are a moonbat, please go away. If you disagree and want to post, go ahead, but if you are a jerk, I can always just delete it. There is no right to be heard here, just (hopefully) a discussion of ideas, a sounding board for what hacks us all off, a source of news and different angles of view for what is going on, and maybe just a place to vent.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I believe flying saucers are our friends.

    Blue boxes almost got me sent to jail but I have since learned that college kids are sacred and that little fact saved my butt.

    The battery industry arbitrarily lowered the voltage on my camera and I quit using it because of underexposed pictures. If only they had notified me, in writing, in triplicate, as I expected, this problem could have been avoided. I'm hoping the saucer people will destroy the battery industry, especially now that I'm well stocked on AAs.

    I once wrote software that detected billing irregularities in NTS billing. It did a great job for my employer, MCI. NTS probably won the war anyway.

    I now hack the stock market (along with anything else that comes along.)

    Can anyone hear me out there? Hello?